Steps to Take After An Accident

Steps to Take After An Accident


Turo has become a popular means of transportation in recent years. The Turo app allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles at a daily rate, while people who need a rental car can book their vehicle of choice through the same app. While this vehicle rental system is convenient, it’s also fairly new and regulations around it are still hazy. In particular, people are still unclear about what happens if they get injured in a Turo car accident.

Here’s what you should know in the event of a crash involving a Turo car in California. For legal advice specific to your case in California, don’t hesitate to consult our Personal Injury Lawyers.

Who Pays for Turo Crash Injuries in California?

All automobiles in California – including Turo cars – are under the state’s “fault-based” accident system. This means that the party who caused the accident is liable to pay for injuries and losses. Typically, you would file a claim with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company to get compensated. But what if a Turo car caused the crash? Who should be liable: the renter/driver, the car owner, or Turo itself?

If a Turo Renter/Driver/Guest is At Fault

Renters of Turo cars are called “guests.” If a Turo guest driver was at fault in the accident, that person would be liable to pay the damages and you will have to claim from their insurer. This insurer will either be the driver’s personal auto insurance or their purchased Turo insurance.

When a driver rents a Turo vehicle, they have the option to purchase Turo insurance (provided by Liberty Mutual). There are various insurance plans they can choose from, with the minimum plan covering only $15,000 per injured person (a minimum requirement in California).

If the driver has no personal auto insurance, this Turo policy will cover the injuries that the driver caused, and you’ll file your claim with this policy. On the other hand, if the driver has their own auto insurance, the Turo policy will only act as supplementary coverage, meaning you’ll first claim with the driver’s personal policy. Only when their personal coverage has been exhausted can you go to Turo’s insurance to claim the remaining amount.

If a Turo Car Owner/Host is At Fault

Vehicle owners who list their cars on Turo are called “hosts.” In a few cases, a Turo host may be held liable in an accident if their negligence played a part in it. For instance, they may have listed a defective vehicle or a car with certain safety risks that they failed to warn about.

If a Turo car owner is found liable for your injuries, you’ll likely claim your compensation from their Turo insurance plan. Every Turo host must purchase Turo’s protection plan when they list their vehicle. Plans vary in coverage, with the standard one providing $750,000 third-party liability protection.

One exception is if the car owner lists themselves as a “Commercial Host.” This means they are not purchasing Turo’s offered plans but are instead covered by their own commercial policy. In this case, you will have to file your claim with their commercial insurance provider.

Either way, the challenge here is proving that the car owner was indeed responsible for your injuries. Car defect claims require more investigation and legal know-how, so it’s wise to get the help of a personal injury attorney.

How Do I Claim Compensation for My Turo Injuries?

If you’re seeking injury compensation from Turo’s insurance, you have to contact them to file your claim. But you need to be prepared, so before initiating your Turo injury claim, consult a personal injury attorney about your best options and next steps. 

Start gathering evidence and documentation as early as possible. If you can, take photos and videos of the accident scene and of your injuries. Also keep your medical bills, transportation receipts, medical records, documentation of missed work, and the like.

With your attorney, you can craft a strategy to maximize your compensation after a Turo accident. Your lawyer should also guide you to avoid mistakes that can cost you your claim.

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